Meredith Hattori (Happy & Boss)

Fairy Dog Mama is a LIFESAVER!
Two years ago, I decided one dog wasn’t enough and had to get a second dog. At this point I considered myself a seasoned dog owner, I had a dog growing up, and we had a 3 year old dog of a breed considered ‘difficult’. I thought I’d go easy on myself and get a nicer type of dog this time, we found a little golden retriever that needed a home, perfect we thought. We named her Happy. She was going to be the cuddliest, nicest, friendliest, obedient-est dog you ever did see. Turns out little Happy was terrified of dogs and people, including us at the beginning. She got a boatloat training, socialising, and de-sensitizing and still does, but she’s still an anxious thing and she’s still terrified of dogs.
We tried a number of pet sitting services, nothing was a good fit for Happy. Well meaning people on popular websites said they could handle her, she wasn’t aggressive, she’s fearful, they said it would be fine. It wasn’t.
FINALLY we were pointed to Fairy Dog Mama. Thank dog. Working with them has been really easy and given us so much peace of mind. I never worry about my dogs while I’m gone, and nice bonus I don’t worry about my house either 😉 Courtney and her team are hands down the single best choice for dog sitting.