Born and raised in Vancouver, Steph has over 20 years of experience caring for her family dogs and other pets including small animals, birds, and reptiles. Currently, her family dog is a 12-year-old border collie named Jack. He had a litter mate named Lucy who recently passed away. Steph spent a lot of time raising and training them from young pups. Jack & Lucy were the reason she first decided that she wanted to learn all there is to know about dogs, and she knew she wanted to work with other dogs to help them and their parents improve their quality of life using forcefree, positive reinforcement methods. She has recently adopted a
rescue dog named Daisy, who is a 6-7 years old and is a big 90 lb. mix of bully breeds
including American Bulldog, possibly American Staffordshire Terrier and/or Pitbull. Daisy has come with some reactivity from experiencing a scary and sad past, so Steph is currently
working very hard on gaining her trust. Daisy has already come such a long way and has really opened Steph’s eyes to how force free, positive reinforcement techniques are beneficial for ANY breed.
Steph has an Associate’s degree in psychology from Capilano University, and is hoping to
complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology from SFU in the future. She has completed Walks ‘N Wags Pet First Aid, and the Bravo Dog Knowledge “Dog Body Language” course, and is planning on completing many other courses and training in the near future. She also keeps up to date with the Bravo Dog Knowledge podcast to learn new things every week. Her past dog care experience includes working at a very busy dog daycare and boarding facility, so she has worked with many different breeds, sizes, and temperaments. She is able to care for dogs with any specialized behaviour requirements, and is comfortable administering medications.