Frequently Asked Questions

There is more to the Fairy Dog Mama than just a caring heart!

Getting Started

Are you currently accepting new clients?

Yes! Click here to get started.

Which areas do you serve?

We currently provide our services within West Vancouver and North Vancouver.

We also offer boarding services located in the West End. Please inquire with us about this specialty and limited services.

My pet has specific needs and behavioral issues, can you accommodate him/her?

Yes! We can accommodate a variety of pet’s needs. From behavioral issues such as a dog or human fear, young puppies, and elderly dogs, we have you covered. We’ll discuss your specific needs during our initial consultation.

Our Company & Team

Do you have insurance?

Yes, our business is bonded and insured.

Is the owner involved day to day?

Yes, as the owner I personally care for many of our client’s pets and homes and I will be your point of contact throughout the process.

How long have your team members been with you?

Most of our team members have been with Fair Dog Mama for over 4 years. When we add new members, they go through a comprehensive training program that includes: Bravo Dog Knowledge, Walks N’ Wags Pet First Aid Certification, our own training system created by Courtney Faulkner, called Fairy Dog Mama University, and at least 40 hours of dog walking alongside Courtney.

Is The Fairy Dog Mama R+, Force-Free, Positive Reinforcement based?

Yes, we only abide by this form of training! We believe in humane, science based dog training and pet care.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, our business is bonded and insured.


My dog is aggressive towards other dogs, can we become a customer?

Yes! We follow the ‘Mark and Pay” reward based training system where we will work on your dog’s confidence around other dogs at a safe distance at all times. Many of our clients have achieved their training goals by hiring The Fairy Dog Mama to work on their dog’s threshold and sense of security when around other dogs.

Will I receive an update after you completed a walk or visit?

Yes, we always send pictures and detailed updates as well as tips and recommendations of what to ask your R+ trainer for help to work on.


How do you transport my dog/pet in your vehicle?

We have seat belt clips and the dogs are safely clipped in and are always comfortable with enough space in the vehicle from each other for a safe and relaxing ride. Your pet has plenty of room and is always within sight of the driver.

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