Dog Walking


Help ease your dog’s energy or anxiety by booking a walk with us. See your dogs reactivity decrease as your dog receives 1-on-1 attention with one of our trained Fairies who are well versed in a positive reinforcement approach. We can take your dog to another location like a trail, or around the neighbourhood. Add another dog or two from the same household for an additional fee. Special attention also helps young, elderly, aggressive or anxious dogs with our science based methods of force-free loving care.

Dog Walking - Pricing


First Aid Trained

We’re prepared for the unexpected. We make sure that every walker is trained in the best possible dog First Aid, specifically Walks and Wags. When we walk your dog, we can also respond immediately to any injuries and know what to look for to prevent your dog from getting hurt or sick.


We follow a training plan that benefits your dog the best!

Our goal is to help your dog find the enjoyment in walking, wherever, or however they prefer! If your dog has ever expressed fearfulness or anxiety on a walk, we can help! Our walkers are trained to ease any anxiety or fearfulness. We happily work closely with your positive reinforcement trainer and their plan for your dog. Each walk is a step towards the long term progress your dog needs with any issue you are experiencing.


We’re Close

Find someone in your local neighborhood. We probably have a sitter that lives very close to you! Choose from a variety of sitters to find a trained professional available at a convenient time for you. It takes minutes!


We’re Kind

Our team passionately loves dogs and wants to make your community a better place. We won’t use intimidating or punitive techniques to get your dog to do what we want it to do. Many of our walkers are studying psychology and related fields because they are natural helpers. We work together with you, your force free trainer, and your dog.